Okta allows you to provide secure identity management and single sign-on to any application, whether in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile device for your employees, partners and customers.

With Sapling’s integration with Okta, you can:

  • Launch Sapling from Okta's single sign-on (SSO) portal
  • Sign into Sapling using Okta credentials / authentication
  • Automatically provision new hire accounts in Okta

How It Works

Setting up the Integration

Data Flow Overview


Sapling can also provision Okta accounts for new hires. Here is a breakdown of how this happens:

  1. New Hire data imported into Sapling
  2. People Operations starts the new hire onboarding process in Sapling
  3. Sapling provisions the initial account in Okta (sends attributes to Okta)
  4. IT sets-up up all connected systems of new hire accounts (including gsuite, slack, jira/confluence, etc)
  5. IT triggers email invitation to new hire for Okta

Integration Fields

When a Sapling Admin completes the onboarding flow, the new hire account is set up by Sapling with the following attributes:

  • ​First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nick Name (Preferred name)
  • Email (Company Email)
  • Secondary Email (Personal Email)
  • Title (Job Title)
  • Manager ID
  • Manager Name
  • Primary Phone Number (Home Phone Number)
  • Secondary Phone Number (Mobile Phone Number)
  • Department
  • Division
  • Street Address ( Line1 + Line2)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • User Type (Employment Status)

Sapling also supports updates made on Sapling profiles to update Okta profiles for the above attributes (assuming company email address is available in both systems).

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