Finding the best talent is the key to any successful organization, but it doesn’t stop at hiring – it’s just as important to support new hires, empower them to be productive and successful in their new role. Sapling provides significant improvements for your People Operations team and Hiring Managers, while completely streamlining the Candidate and Employee experience through the Lever Integration.

The Lever integration is currently only available to customers on Lever’s Professional or Enterprise plan (see plan details here).

How It Works

Setting up the Integration and Data Flow

Setting up the Integration Step-by-Step

Step #1. Confirm Company Settings

  1. Navigate Settings → Company Settings

  2. Ensure your Department, Teams, and Locations are aligned with Sapling.

Step #2. Enable the Sapling Integration in Lever

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations and API

  2. Locate HRIS and Onboarding → Click the toggle next to Sapling's logo.

  3. Navigate to Integrations and API → API Credentials → Generate New Key

  • Name your API Key and make sure to copy it as this is the one and only time these API credentials will be available for viewing.

  • You'll be able to see exactly which actions the integration with Sapling will authorize.

  • Save this newly generated key.

Step #3. Setup the Webhook in Lever

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations and API → Webhooks

  2. Switch on the "Candidate hire"’ toggle and click "Add webhook".

  • The address for your webhook is as follows:


Step #4. Copy the Signature Token from Lever into Sapling

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations and API → Webhooks

  2. Locate the signature token → Copy the signature token

Step #5. Enable the Lever Integration in Sapling

  1. Navigate to the Integrations → Applicant Tracking System → Lever

  2. Input the API Key retrieved from Lever

  3. Input the Signature Token retrieved from Lever

  • If you have multiple Lever instances you can add another instance and follow the same configuration steps.

Step #6. Configure the fields you want to be mapped from Lever to Sapling

  1. There are 5 default fields that be mapped from Lever to Sapling. The fields that can be mapped include:

    • Job Title

    • Department

    • Location

    • Manager

    • Start Date

  2. Select the appropriate Lever field from the dropdown, or select "None".


Lever provides the best-rated recruiting software, applicant tracking system (ATS), and recruitment marketing tools used by top businesses.

Integration Fields

Sapling is continually expanding the number of fields that sync between Lever and Sapling. Here is a full list of the Lever to Sapling Integration fields:

1. Standard Fields: Sapling imports Candidate and Job Posting data:

Candidate Information including:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

Job Posting Information including:

  • Title

  • Location

  • Department

  • Hiring Manager

Referral/ Source Information‍

  • Tracking who referred/ sourced the candidate

2. Offer Fields: Offer Fields are set up in Lever and are related to the candidate offer. All Offer fields can be synced as long as field name, field type, and options match. For example, adding “Salary” to both Lever and Sapling will import the Salary field into Sapling.

Common Offer Information included for customers are:

  • Offered compensation amount

  • Compensation currency

  • Type of earnings

  • Anticipated start date

  • Offered equity

  • Work authorization status

  • Employment status of the job.

Key Factors to be aware of

Webhooks Management

  • The address for your webhook should be: [yourcompanyname]

  • For example

Start Dates Management

  • The start date imported into Sapling is the hired date unless you match the start date to another field as described in Step 6 above.

Field Names in Lever and Sapling.

  • For the Fields to sync correctly, ensure you match the field names between Lever and Sapling as described in Step 6 above.

Field Mapping Management

  • There are 5 standards fields that can be mapped from Lever to Sapling.

  • See these in step 6 above.

Multiple Instances Management

  • You can have leveraged multiple Lever instances that can send candidate data to Sapling.

  • This can be configured directly under the integration page in Sapling.

Form Fields Management

  • Form fields allow you to customize the new hire data that can be passed to Sapling.

  • Lever currently does not give Form Fields endpoints to integration partners today. However, Sapling customers can provide independent access to grant Sapling access to this endpoint as needed.

Requisition Fields Management

  • Requisition fields allow you to create custom fields about job-related data that can be passed to Sapling.

  • You will need to have the Lever Enterprise Plan or purchase custom Requisition fields from Lever in order to sync these fields.

  • Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.

Resending Candidates Management

  • There are two ways to resend a candidate to Sapling:

  • In Lever, unhire the candidate and then rehire the candidate‍;

  • Or in Lever, go to Settings > Integrations > Webhooks>Scroll down to Recent Webhook Deliveries. Then locate the correct webhook for that candidate and click on RERUN. This will resend the candidate to Sapling.

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