Finding the best talent is the key to any successful organization, but it doesn’t stop at hiring – it’s just as important to support new hires, empower them to be productive and successful in their new role.

Sapling provides significant improvements for your People Operations team and Hiring Managers, while completely streamlining the Candidate and Employee experience.

The fields that Sapling sync’s from Linkedin are:

  1. firstName
  2. lastName
  3. jobTitle
  4. jobLocation
  5. emailAddresses
  6. phoneNumbers
  7. startDate

How the Integration Works?

When a candidate profile in LinkedIn Talent Hub has been selected as ‘Export to HRIS, the integration sends the new hire data to Sapling.

A permissioned-Admin user of Sapling can receive a 'Pending Hire' notification. From the Pending Hires Menu, you can select which employee you would like to onboard.

From Sapling’s Pending Hires Menu, you’ll be able to see Name, Department, Location, Manager and Start date. 

Once you select the employee you would like to onboard, the new hire data will be populated into the first step of Sapling to initiate an onboarding process for a new hire.

New Hire’s are then sent their onboarding invitation to complete their preboarding.

They can then complete their New Hire preboarding experience.

Setting up the Integration

Step #1. Configure LinkedIn Extensions

To export candidate profile to your Human Resource Information System (HRIS), Navigate to Linkedin and enable the Sapling extension.

Step #2 - Create HRIS export request

When you create an HRIS export request on LinkedIn with your extension, LinkedIn will send a push notification to Sapling’s callback URL registered during the onboarding process.

Step #3 - Sapling receives the alert and retrieves the Candidate Profile

When the callback URL has sent a notification event to Sapling, an API call is made to retrieve the profile information of the candidate and populate them in your pending hires bay.

Detailed Field Overview

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