Move beyond applicant tracking towards talent sourcing & engagement with native collaboration, assessment, and AI tools. The SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite provides full source-to-hire capabilities for the modern workforce.

How It Works

Setting up the Integration and Data Flow


The SmartRecruiters integration with Sapling lets you:

  • Pull hired candidate information automatically from SmartRecruiters into Sapling to populate a new employee profile. No more spreadsheets or manual data entry required!

  • Assign paperwork, welcome the new-hire, initiate team and role onboarding through a company-branded pre-boarding experience.

  • Automate onboarding workflows, triggered notifications, and reminders across multiple departments, locations and stakeholders

  • Empower managers to ramp up new-hires with objective-based onboarding roadmaps that support new hire success from day one

Integration Fields

Sapling is continually expanding the number of fields that sync between SmartRecruiters and Sapling. Here is a full list of the SmartRecruiters to Sapling Integration fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Start Date

  • Job Title

  • Department

  • Location

  • Employment Status

  • Personal email address

Key Factors to be aware of

Field Names in SmartRecruiters and Sapling

  • For the Fields to sync correctly, the field names and field options naming conventions must match between SmartRecruiters and Sapling.

Data Sync Management

  • Sapling syncs with SmartRecruiters every 60 minutes, so when a candidate is marked as Hired in SmartRecruiters, Sapling will collect the new hire data and pull into Sapling at the next sync interval.

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