BambooHR is an HRIS software for small and medium-size businesses.  

The Sapling<>BambooHR integration has three parts:

  1. Sapling can sync data from BambooHR (for account set-up)

  2. Sapling can Create new employees in BambooHR

  3. Sapling can Push and Pull changes in employee fields in BambooHR

**Note: Bamboo can also create profiles in Sapling with the two-sync. However, employees can't be offboarded in BambooHR by offboarding them in Sapling.

Workflow Overview‍

Candidate is hired in ATS

  • New Hire Data is sent to Sapling and can be located under ‘Pending Hire’

  • People Ops receive ‘Pending Hire’ notification in Sapling

New Hire Track

  • A New Hire is invited to onboard by a Sapling Admin

  • New Hire receives Onboarding Invitation

  • New Hire completes Preboarding (employee record and paperwork)

  • New Hire data and documents are sent to BambooHR

  • People Ops receive ‘Preboarding complete’ email

Activities Track

  • Employees receive notification of activities

  • Employees complete Activities (Documents, Tasks, Outcomes)

  • Stages tracked through the dashboard


  • Invites to Sapling

  • Activity Alerts

  • Activity Reminders

  • Manager Forms

The following pages outline the four key steps in the New Hire Track.

Step #1 - A New Hire is invited to onboard by a Sapling Admin

Sapling requires the collection of certain information to provision new accounts in BambooHR. On a new hire record, new employees will be required to complete their First Name, Last Name and Personal Email. 

Step #2 - New Hire receives Onboarding Invitation

Step #3 - New Hire completes Preboarding (employee record and paperwork)

Step #4 - New Hire data and documents are sent to BambooHR

Step #5 - On First Day, access to BambooHR is granted

An Administrative user in BambooHR updates the permission status of the new hire. 

This generates an automated email generated by BambooHR to the new hires' company email. New Hires can then login and see their completed profile.

Setting up the Integration

To set up the BambooHR integration, log in to your BambooHR account as an Administrator.

  • Click on your picture icon and select API Keys.

  • Select Add a New Key, and an API Key will be generated.

  • Copy the API Key

  • Then in Sapling, log in to Sapling and Go to Settings > Integrations

  • Under BambooHR select Add

  • Paste in the API Key you copied in BambooHR

  • Enter your BambooHR subdomain (this will be the URL that is unique to your BambooHR site)

  • Select Add

  • Select Sync, this will bring overall standard integration employee information from Bamboo into Sapling

  • From then, any employees onboarded in Sapling will be created in BambooHR


Employee changes in BambooHR are pulled into Sapling each night at 12 am based on your time zone set in Admin>General. Any profile fields updated in Sapling will be sent immediately from Sapling to BambooHR.


1. Q: Admin Settings: Can recruiters have special permissions in Sapling to send the pre-boarding documents and not see confidential data?

  • A: Yes. Sapling recently released custom Admin roles which will give you the ability to create role-specific permissions. Our team could set up a Recruiter role that could send the pre-boarding documents and not see confidential data.

2. Q: Is it possible to create custom fields that import into BambooHR from Sapling (if we first build out the field in BambooHR)? Also, is there a max number of custom fields allowed?

  • A: Yes. You can create custom fields in Sapling and Bamboo and sync the information between the two systems. Currently, we provide partners up to 5 custom fields in set-up - then charge additional custom fields at cost basis.

 3. Q: How do W4 and direct deposit information send to Bamboo, is it just the document?

  • A: These are typically captured as documents, then sent to BambooHR.

  4. Q: Does Sapling track exempt or non-exempt?

  • A: Yes. These fields can be set-up  by your Account Manager during implementation.

   5.Q: Does Sapling collect EEO data (race, gender, etc)?

  • A: Yes. These fields can be set-up by your Account Manager during implementation and synced to BambooHR.

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