Sapling’s Asana integration allows the provisioning of tasks in Asana Project through the tasks API from Personal Token authentication token.

Sapling can send the following attributes to Asana:

  • Workflow Name

  • Task Name

  • Description

  • Assignee

  • Due Date

How the Integration Works?

First, you’ll need to collect your Organization ID and Personal Token from your company’s Asana account.

To do this, when logged into Asana, you can:

  • Retrieve your Organization ID by clicking this link.

  • Create a personal token in My Profile Settings> Apps > Manage Developer Apps.

From there, create a new Personal Token and copy the API Token.

Once you have this, you can then enable the integration in Sapling and add the following:

  1. Organization ID ( - search "workspaces":[{"gid":

  2. Default Project Name

  3. Default Team

  4. Personal Token

These settings will be used as the defaults for setting up your Asana tasks.

Once the integration is enabled, the following things will occur in your account.

  1. A new widget will be shown in the Assign Workflows section of the onboarding flow to allow you to create Asana tasks

  2. A new widget will be shown in the Assigns Workflows modal of the tasks page to allow you to create Asana tasks

Assigning Workflows in the onboarding flow

Employees who have a current profile in Asana can have their tasks created in Asana, in addition to Sapling--and will be able to access their tasks within the new hire’s Asana project.

During the onboarding flow, you’ll be able to toggle ‘Create in Asana’ on each workflow. Users who have Asana IDs in the workflow will receive their tasks in Asana.

Sapling creates new Project in Asana with the name of the workflow including the:

  • Name of the task

  • Description

  • Who the task is for (the Assignee)

  • Due date

Keeping tasks synchronized between the platforms

Tasks completed in Sapling

For tasks completed in Sapling, the application will immediately complete the tasks in Asana.

If a task is deleted in Sapling, it will also be deleted in Asana.

Tasks completed in Asana

Every hour, Sapling will call the Asana API to check task status of linked tasks.

If the status is complete, Sapling will update the task in Sapling and note in the task history that it was “Completed in Asana”.

If the status is incomplete, no change will be made.

Lastly, if a task is not found (i.e. it has been removed from Asana), Sapling will not update the task.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Sapling<>Asana integration if we are on the free version of Asana?

Yes - the integration works with the free and paid versions of Asana.

Is the Asana ID absolutely required in Sapling first?

  • The Asana API only provides display name on the users endpoint, meaning Sapling would need to try and match first name and last names to find the user ID

  • This would lead to match errors and is not an adequate solution to ensure onboarding consistency

Will change of start dates in Sapling update Asana?

  • Task due dates will be updated in Sapling, but not in Asana

  • To have due dates aligned, please delete the workflow and re-assign it

If I change the task name, description or assignee in Sapling - will it update Asana?

  • Sapling does not two-way sync task names, descriptions or assignees

  • To have these items aligned, please delete the workflow and re-assign it

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