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The Sapling<>Xero integration has three parts:

  1. Sapling can Create new employees in Xero
  2. Sapling can Push and Pull changes in employee fields in Xero
  3. Sapling can sync data from Xero

Step #1 - A New Hire is invited to onboard by a Sapling Admin

Sapling requires the collection of certain information to provision new accounts in Xero. On a new hire record, new employees will be required to complete their First Name, Last Name, Company Email, Personal Email and Start date.

If the company email is not present, Sapling will use the personal email for both.

Step #2 - New Hire receives Onboarding Invitation

Step #3 - New Hire completes Preboarding (employee record and paperwork)

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Start Date
Personal Email
Mobile Phone
Job Title
Employee Status
Tax File Number (TFN)
Hours per Week
Annual Salary
Termination Date
Residency Status

Step #4 - New Hire data is sent to Xero

What fields are sync’d?

The set-up requirements are defining:

  1. Organization ID
  2. Payroll Calendar
  3. Employee Group
  4. Holiday Group
  5. PayTemplate

The Fields that Sapling can sync are:

  1. Photo
  2. First Name
  3. Middle Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Address
  7. Start Date
  8. Title
  9. personal email
  10. Gender
  11. Phone
  12. Mobile Phone
  13. Job Title
  14. Employee Status
  15. Status
  16. Tax File Number (TFN)
  17. PayTemplate
  18. Hours per Week
  19. Annual Salary
  20. Termination Date
  21. Residency Status
  22. Approved Time Off

You can view the full field map here.

How to set-up the integration?

As a Sapling admin, navigate to Integrations in your settings. Turn on the switch for Xero to answer a few prompts before you're all set!

How to push approved Paid Time Off to Xero

If you're using Sapling's Time Off module, we can push approved leave into Xero to help keep your payroll up to date.

This feature is auto-enabled when you turn on the Xero integration itself. We'll create links between your Sapling and Xero policies for sharing approved time off requests.

  • If you have time off policies already built in Sapling, we'll create those same policies in Xero once the integration is enabled
  • As you create new policies in Sapling, we'll automatically create each new policy in Xero using the name from Sapling

As you create your Sapling Time Off policies, you'll want to review two additional fields available when the Xero integration is enabled:

  1. Is this a paid leave?
  2. Display balances on pay slips?

On the Basic Policy Info step, make sure the Is this a paid leave? field is set to yes or no (per your policy).

On the Time Off Balances step, make sure the Display balances on pay slips? field is set to yes or no (per your policy).

As time off requests are approved, they'll be automatically synced to Xero, ready for your next payrun.

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