Sometimes, it's necessary to collect new or updated information from your team. Using Sapling's Request Info tool, you can quickly request information directly from a team member's Sapling profile.

How to Request Info?

Admins have access to the Actions menu on each team member's profile.

From a Sapling profile, click on the "Actions" menu in the upper righthand corner. Click on "Request Info" and select which fields of information you'd like to request from the team member.

What happens next?

Sapling will send an email to the team member requesting for them to complete the fields you specified.

When they click the "Complete Information" button in their email, they will be taken to a simple and secure landing page to complete those fields.

The updated information is then saved directly on their Sapling profile. You will also receive an email alert that the information has been completed. *Note: For security purposes, we do not show the exact information they added in your email alert (but you can view directly from their Sapling profile) 

Need to request information updates from multiple team members?

Sapling also gives you the option to Bulk Request profile updates from multiple members of your team. Please check out our article on Bulk Requesting Information to learn more about this process!

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