Thanks to Sapling, you can easily create an engaging onboarding experience for everyone involved in the onboarding process (new hires, their managers, HR teams, etc).

Below are the 4 steps you'll go through each time you onboard a new team member (*note: only Admins or Super Admins have the ability to onboard a new hire. To adjust, go to your Permission Settings).

Where to view your new hires

All new hires that need to begin the Onboarding process will live in your Pending Hires Bay.

To view the Pending Hires Bay, navigate from Home > Pending Hires from the upper righthand side menu. All new hire information here will be pulled automatically from your ATS - otherwise, you can onboard a new hire from scratch using the "Onboard New Hire" button in the upper right hand corner.

Pro Tip 💡: as long as you save your progress, you can exit and return to a particular onboarding flow at any point by going back to the Pending Hires Bay.

Step #1 - Create Profile

Locate the team member you want to onboard and click "Start". Doing a lot of hiring? Check out how Bulk Onboarding can fast-track your hiring process even further.

The first step in the process is the "Create Profile" section, where you can update basic new hire Profile information (things like Job Title, Start Date, Manager, and more).

If you're a G Suite or Microsoft AD user, this is also where you'll be able to provision email accounts and set the date the new hire gets access to the account.

The last section on this step is for Smart Assignment which will automatically create the recommended profile template, workflows, documents, and emails in the rest of the onboarding process.

Click "Save and Continue" when you're ready to proceed.

Step #2 - Confirm Info

In the second "Confirm Info" section, you can review and confirm what type of information needs to be collected from this particular new hire.

First, start by selecting the onboarding template that applies to the new hire (for ex: selecting the New Hire UK template vs. the New Hire USA template). Smart Assignment will pre-select the most likely template for you.

Next, there will be three sections of information that need to be completed. These sections are You (the admin), your New Hire, and the Manager. You can edit what fields show up in each section by editing your Profile Fields in Profile Setup.

As the Admin, you must complete all information in the Admin section before you can move on to the next step. You can also view what fields will be collected by the Manager (through the Manager Form) as well as from the new hire.

Click "Save and Continue" when you're ready to proceed.

Step #3 - Assign Activities

Next is the "Assign Activities" section. Here, you'll choose what Workflows and Documents you'd like to assign your new hire. Again, Smart Assignment automatically recommends the most relevant activities for you.

In the Workflows section, you can assign one (or multiple) workflows at once, easily editing or re-assigning tasks if the new hire has custom needs.

In the Documents section: you can assign an existing document (i.e. an I-9), document packet (i.e. "All UK Tax Documents"), or upload request (i.e. "Passport Scan"). Alternatively, you can also add a new document or upload request straight from the onboarding flow.

Click "Save and Continue" when you're ready to proceed.

Step #4 - Schedule Emails

In the "Schedule emails" section, you can schedule an infinite number of emails to be sent to your new hire at any point during their onboarding process (or beyond). *Note: all emails scheduled at this phase in onboarding will be sent to the employee's personal email. If there are certain emails you'd like to go to their work email, you can schedule them from the Email tab after onboarding is complete.

To add a new email, click on the "Add Scheduled Email" button. Select what template you'd like to use. Edit and choose to send it Immediately, at a Custom Date, or Relative to a Key Date (like start date).

To edit scheduled emails, click on the email to open the edit menu and make adjustments. To delete an email, click on the trashcan email on the righthand side.

Once all emails have been scheduled, select Initiate Onboarding. This will officially begin the onboarding process for this new hire 🎉

What happens next?

After you've completed the above steps and initiated onboarding, 4 things will happen next:

  1. The new hire will be sent an invitation to Sapling (if scheduled to send immediately - if not, the Sapling invitation will be sent on the scheduled date)

  2. The new hire will be added to your Onboarding Dashboard

  3. All future emails will be scheduled

  4. All relevant stakeholders will be notified (if scheduled to be notified immediately - if not, the Sapling invitation will be sent on the scheduled date)

Oh no! I forgot to send the Sapling invite to a new hire!

No worries, you can easily resend an invite at any time.

  1. Navigate to the new hires' profile

  2. Click the Actions button

  3. Click "Resend invite"

Oh no! I forgot to set the G Suite or Azure AD credentials to send on the correct date!

If you're using G Suite or Azure AD, you can set up credentials to be provisioned directly from Sapling in the first step of Onboarding.

If you choose not to send those credentials, or you need to change the date/time those credentials would be sent, you'll need to update that directly within your G Suite or Azure AD administration portal.

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