The history of completed workflows is important for record keeping. Learn what the full life of a workflow looks like, and how to audit tasks once they're complete.

Workflows can be assigned to your team members in three different ways:

  1. Onboarding New Hires

  2. Internal Transitions (for Existing Team Members)

  3. Offboarding Team Members

What happens when a workflow is assigned?

Workflows that are assigned are visible in two places: 

  1. The Task Receivers page - the person that needs the task completed for them (for example: benefits enrollment, buddy assignment, or performance review)

  2. The Task Owners page - the person that needs to complete the task for the Task Receiver

Importantly, your team members can only see what they need to do (either for themselves or for others), but cannot see what needs to be done for them by others.

As Admins or Super Admins, you will have visibility over all tasks in the platform, regardless of task receiver or task owner.

What happens when a workflow is completed?

As tasks are completed in a workflow, they are moved to the Completed filter on the tasks page.

When all tasks in a Workflow are completed, the workflow is removed from the main visibility page showing 'Active tasks only'. To view all completed tasks and workflows you can change the view to  'Include historical tasks'.

How can I report on completed tasks?

To create a report on Workflow information, navigate from Home > Reporting > Workflows Report.

Select the field you’d like to report on (for ex: pulling the data on everyone who’s completed a specific training). Create the report as a one-off, or schedule it to be sent to key stakeholders at a certain time/date.

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