Sapling Calendar feeds allow you to pull Sapling calendar information into Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and macOS.

Here is step by step walkthrough of setting up these links:

What calendars are available?

The calendar integration is enabled on an individual basis, and can show:

  • New Hire Start Dates (available to Admin and Super Admins)

  • Offboarding Dates (available to Admin and Super Admins)

  • Task Due Dates (available to all team members)

  • Birthdays (available to all team members if enabled)

  • Work Anniversaries (available to all team members if enabled)

  • Out of Office (available to all team members)

If you would prefer not to sync calendar feeds for Birthday and/or Work Anniversaries, simply go to the Platform Settings > Calendar, and toggle these options to "off".

Setting up your Calendars

To set up a particular calendar feed on your calendar, navigate from Home > Calendar > Calendar Feed.

Click "Create Feed" for each event type, copy each link, and paste into your desired calendar.

💡Pro Tips

  • The integration works for programs like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

  • Changes made within Sapling can take up to 12 hours to be reflected in your calendar

  • The Calendar Feed will show different options dependent on your role (for example, team members that aren't admins can't see first and last days, but will be able to sync over tasks and birthdays, if these feeds are enabled).

  • If the calendar is shared with colleagues they will be able to see updates to the calendar.

  • While the calendar in the Sapling app can be filtered (i.e. by location), calendar feeds will show everyone in the company (i.e. not filtered)

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