Instead of uploading a document for e-signature, you also have the option to track what documents new hires only read. There are 3 options for handling this in Sapling: 

1. Create an Acknowledgment form using Sapling Documents  

2. Create a New Hire Task and track the completion through Tasks

3. Attach to the Welcome Email

Create an Acknowledgment Form

To use the built-in Sapling Document feature, you cannot add a new Document or Document Packet without a signatory element. However, there is an easy workaround for this. We suggest for Read-Only documents to add a signature element at the end of the document that includes a spot for the new hire to initial simply acknowledging that it has been read.

To add a new Document (single doc) or Document Packet (multiple docs), go to Home > Documents > new document or packet.

Scroll to the end of the document. From there, add a text box that says "I acknowledge I have read this document", and add a spot for the employee to sign.

Once an employee has completed this document, you can visit this document anytime from their profile. From their profile page, click on Documents to see all that have been completed (or are still outstanding).

Create a New Hire Task

In your onboarding workflow, you can create a New Task outlining what the document is and why it is important, then attach to a task as a PDF.

The new hire will then be assigned this task during onboarding (or any other workflow). You can then view this completed (or non-complete) task from any employee profile in the Task section - or straight from the Dashboard.

Attach document to the Welcome Email

A third option, although not recommended, is to attach the documents to the welcome email for new hires.

The reason we do not recommend this option is that Sapling cannot track the reading or completion of documents provided to new hires in email format. However, you do have the option to attach any documents you'd like to the welcome email for hires to review.

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