Sapling is a centralized task management and employee data storage system, making sure all teams are on the same page and know exactly what needs to be done during every step of the employee lifecycle.


Sapling's Preboarding Portal enables new hires to:

  • Learn about the company's history and values

  • Meet their peers (including their manager and onboarding class)

  • Complete necessary information for their Sapling profile (such as personal bio, food allergies, etc)

  • Digitally sign all necessary HR documents

When a new hire joins your team, they will receive a welcome email that will direct them to the pre-boarding portal to begin the welcome process.

Tasks and Workflows

During any employee transitionary period (think preboarding, onboarding, offboarding etc.), it can be difficult to know exactly what needs to be done. With Sapling's Tasks Page, whether you're a new hire, manager, or People Team'll be able to see exactly what tasks need to be done, and when.

People Directory and Org Chart

The People Directory and Org Chart give you access to every team member in your organization.

  • In the People Directory, you can search for a specific person, or browse the entire org. You can filter your coworkers by team, location or department. ¬†You can also copy and paste your coworker's email address.

  • The Org Chart provides a unique understanding into different teams and relationships. This will help you learn names, titles and to better understand the company structure.

Time Off

Sapling's Time Off Module allows you to:

  • request time off for the future (Vacation, Parental Leave, etc.)

  • record retroactive time off requests (sick time, historical time off)

  • predict time off balances in the future

  • view historical requests and adjustments

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