Sapling's Onboarding and People Operations solution is here to help your new hires be set up for success during onboarding and beyond.

Think of Sapling as your hands on, interactive HR task management system- keeping your hires engaged and informed during all transition periods (everything from pre-boarding --> onboarding--> ramping up --> role transitions --> offboarding).

For a full video walkthrough on how to maximize Sapling, check out our Webinar on "Empowering Managers with Sapling: A Guide to the manager experience". Otherwise, below is the summary of the 5 key ways Sapling supports managers.

Get alerts about important new hire information

At the beginning of the onboarding experience, your new hire will be invited to the Sapling platform to complete Preboarding. This experience is designed to help them learn about your company and support HR in collecting critical employee data.

To notify you that this process has begun, you will be CC'd on a New Hire welcome email (example below). This email has key details for you and your hire to be aware of (schedule, expectations, etc).

Complete the New Hire Information Form

If any information is required from you during the Preboarding process (things like preferred computer type, desk location, etc), you’ll be sent a New Hire Form to complete.

The link in this email will take you a webform where you'll be able to enter any information that the People Operations team needs to collect to ensure the new recruit can start contributing from day one.

*Note: This form can also be completed within Sapling from your team page (Home > Team).

Keep track of your team's progress

At the heart of team member success is the collaborative and effective completion of Tasks.

You can monitor and support your new hire's activities (when they've signed important documents, completed trainings, etc) by viewing your Team Page (Home > Team).

Here, you will see all of your team's tasks as well as your own. Use the "Owners" filter on the lefthand side to filter which tasks you'd like to review.

Support and coach your new hires to continually improve

To ensure open communication with your team, you can use the Task commenting feature to stay engaged, check progress is being made, or give praise.

To comment on a task, click on a task and scroll to the Comments section. Use the @name feature to tag someone, and click Add.

The teammate you tag will then receive a notification email alerting them to your comment and giving them the option to respond.

*Bonus: using Sapling's Time Off module as well? 

Check out our article on Responding to Time Off Requests to learn how to approve/deny Time Off requests for your team!

Have an idea on how Sapling could help support you and your team further? We'd love to hear from you! Send any ideas you have to :)

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