As a new hire or existing team member, your Tasks Page contains the list of things that have been assigned to you to complete for yourself or on behalf of others. As the assignee, you have the ability to search, filter, and complete your tasks.

Where to view your tasks

Thanks to Sapling's integration partners, you have the opportunity to view and complete your tasks in a few different ways.

To view your tasks within Sapling, go to Home > Tasks. From there, you can search for specific tasks, use the filters on the left to view tasks based on what's open vs. completed, or complete tasks by checking the box.

On the go and need to complete tasks from your phone? Log into your Sapling account via your internet browser and easily view and complete all tasks assigned to you also in the "Tasks" section of your home page.

Alternatively, you can view and complete your tasks directly from our task management integration partners: Asana, Gmail, Jira, and Slack. All tasks completed in any of these platforms will also complete them within Sapling.

Please review the integration guides for step by step instructions on how to set those up!

Pro Tips 💡

For an overview of all your upcoming task due dates, you can view tasks straight from your preferred Calendar using Sapling's calendar integration.

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