Thanks to our partnership with HelloSign, Sapling provides a number of document solutions including:

  • E-Signed documents (single signature OR Co-signed)

  • Document Uploads

  • Document Packets

  • Document Storage

Typically, these documents are assigned during Onboarding, Role Transitions, or Offboarding - but you can also assign documents at any point using our Bulk Request tool. You are able to assign and request files formatted as jpg, png or pdf.

Signatory Documents

Signatory documents are any type of documents that require a review and a signature(s) - for example: Team Handbooks, W-4s, I-9’s, etc. To create a new signatory document, click “Add Document to Sign”, select your co-signer (supported roles are: Coworker, Employee, and Representative), upload the form, and choose what pieces of the form require what action from the signee. 

*Note: Document file size should not exceed 100MB.

Upload Requests

Upload requests are tasks that get assigned to an employee with the intention to have them upload a specific document into Sapling (for ex: passport photos, copy of their driver’s license, etc).

Once you create the request, you can assign that request either a) during onboarding or b) directly from an employee’s profile.‍

*Note: Upload request file size should not exceed 20MB.

Document Packets

Document Packets are a way to combine documents into a collection that new hires can review/sign during any transition with Sapling. Typically, we see these being most helpful in combining necessary documents based on location or role type (for ex: “New Hire - UK Engineering Team Documents” vs. “New Hire - USA Engineering Team Documents”). To create a new packet, go to Document Packets > Create New Packet, and specify what documents you’d like to include in that particular packet.

How to view Assigned Documents

You are able to view, edit or delete all assigned documents and packets by navigating to a team member’s profile and clicking on the “Documents” tab. From here, select the document you want to edit, delete it using the side menu or use the quick view panel to see all document details.

Once assigned, you can keep an eye on the document’s progress in the “Status” column.

There are 4 key document status stages:

  • Preparing: Sapling has received your signatory document request and is working behind the scenes to customize it to your exact needs

  • Ready for Signature: Sapling has assigned the document to your team member and it’s ready to sign

  • Ready for Co-signers: Your team member has signed the document, but the document co-signers have not

  • Completed: The document has been signed by your team member and all co-signers (when applicable)

To view company-wide document statuses, head to the Documents Dashboard to review all assigned documents across your team.

While Sapling is able to assist in the set up of documents, for legal reasons - we are unable to provide any guarantees of accuracy and recommend all documents are checked prior to being assigned.

Due to geopolitical limitations, documents cannot be electronically signed through Sapling by team members physically located in the following regions (unless connected over a VPN routed through any other region):

  • Cuba

  • Iran

  • North Korea

  • Syria

  • Crimea (Ukraine)

Pro-tips 💡

  • At this time, Sapling does not support signing order. Documents are always sent to the team member first and the co-signer second

  • Signatory documents only support a total of 2 signatures (i.e the employee and a co-signer). Currently, we cannot support 3+ signees for a given document

  • Stay tuned for added document flexibility coming in 2021!

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