To customize the overall Sapling experience for your company, you can adjust your Platform Settings within the Platform menu.

Aside from your company name and time zone, you can update the following assets:

  • Brand Color

  • Display Icon

  • Landing Page Photo

  • Welcome Note to New Hire

  • Preboarding Complete Note

  • Company Video

  • Company Bio / About Us

  • Company Values

  • Gallery

If you are looking for examples, this folder contains example template assets that you can review.

Video Walkthrough of Platform Settings

Brand Color

Your company brand color is a 6-digit hex value that can typically be found in a style guide or brand book.

The brand color you choose will be shown in a few places:

  • Team member's profile pages

  • Your company page (the icon color)

To ensure that profiles are legible for every one of your team members, we recommend avoiding low contrast colors such as beige, yellow or soft pinks.

💡Pro tip: avoid using a color that is too light.  Because text in Sapling will be displayed in white, having a brand color that is too light will make names illegible.

To preview your brand color, you can use WebAIM’s Color Contrast Tool.

  1. Copy + Paste your Color Code

  2. Head over to this page

  3. Enter it into the “background” field. This will give you a preview of your background with white text.

  4. You’ll see how it performs against WebAIM’s suggestions (color-blindness, for example)

Your company logo is used throughout Sapling to give team members a co-branded experience. Here is an example in the top navigation:

Landing Page Photo

The Landing Page photo can either be a photo of your team or a photo of your office space. Whatever photo you believe represents your company can go here. This photo will be visible on the Pre-boarding Landing page. This will be the first interaction a new hire has with Sapling.

The optimal landing page photo size is 1536x768px

Welcome Note to New Hire

The Welcome note to the new hire is shown on the first page of their preboarding experience. You can edit this by going to Platform Setting --> Welcome Message.

Preboarding Complete Note

The preboarding complete note is shown at the end of their preboarding experience and provides clarity on their next steps or the new hire's onboarding.

Company Video

The Company Video is shown on the Company Page of the Pre-Boarding Experience and the Company Page of the Team Member's Onboarding Hub. It can be used to give a background to your company, provide a business update or a welcome to new team member.

Company History

Anything from your company's founding date, the first office, or the day you got a popcorn machine.

The more milestones you add, the more robust your company history will be.

You can upload an image for the event by selecting the photo icon. The Key Milestones will be shown in two places:

  1. Pre-boarding experience

  2. Company Page

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