The Updates Page is the homepage for all of your team members that provides highly relevant and contextual information about their responsibilities. To access this page, click the Home button in the upper lefthand corner.

Who can view the Updates Page?

It’s important that your team members see only the information that’s relevant to them.

To edit what is displayed on the Updates Page, you can adjust your permission levels to reflect information based on role type.

There are two columns of key information that can be displayed based off of your settings.

On the left column, you’ll see various updates to keep you engaged with your team. 

  • A snapshot of your personal Time Off (if this module is enabled) 

  • All recently arrived new Team Members 

  • Any team members that are temporarily Out of Office (and returning in the next 14 days)

  • Other team member milestones (like birthdays/anniversaries)

On the right column, you’ll see a high level overview of your entire organization. This column in dependent on the permissioning levels outlined below:

With standard Employee permission, you see:

  • My Activities: any open tasks that you need to complete 

  • Platform Experience: a glance of how many employees are currently at your org (links to the People Directory) 

  • Company Links: a directory of helpful links (for ex: to your internal wiki, your company handbook, etc. To edit this, please see instructions here)

With Super Admin permission, you see all the same fields as the Employee view - plus two additional fields:

  • Pending Hires: shows you how many new hires need to be onboarded 

  • Program Management: a high level overview of company movements and all open tasks 

As an Admin or Super Admin, you will be able to see the Updates Pages of other team members (using View-As Mode) - enabling you to help with troubleshooting, functionality, and navigation.

💡Pro Tips

  • If enabled, anniversaries and birthdays are shown on Sapling's Calendar, the Updates Page and the external feed. This setting can be enabled on the Platform Settings> Calendar. You can decide whether you want these events enabled or disabled.

  • On the Upcoming milestones section, these will be displayed to all members in your organization. Milestones are shown in the updates page based on anniversaries and Birthdays that are within 10 days (calendar days).

  • Note for the Out-of-Office widget, Sapling only displays team members returning in the next 14 days (so longer term absenteeism will not be shown)

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