When a candidate's profile has been marked as Hired in your ATS, the new hire's information will be automatically sent to Sapling's Pending Hire page. To navigate to this page, click on the "Pending Hires" icon on the righthand side of the upper navigation menu.

You can then select the new hire from the Pending Hire's page and click "Onboard New Hire" to begin their onboarding process.

There are a few other secondary actions that you can take from this page: 

  • You can select one or several people and export their data as a CSV

  • You can select one or several people and remove them from Sapling

  • You can resolve any duplicate profiles that may show up if someone was re-hired

  • You can filter profiles based on Department, Location, Status or Manager.

Getting notified about new pending hires

To ensure you are notified about a new pending hire, you can assign individuals to receive a Pending Hire notification.  

To turn these notifications on/off, navigate from Home > Email > Platform. Scroll down to the "Team Insights" section, and turn the toggle on/off for "New Pending Hire."

Managing potential duplicates

Sometimes, former team members will be hired again at your company. If they are using the same email address, Sapling will flag this on the pending hires page. You can resolve it in a few ways:

  • by updating their profile with the latest start date and new hire information

  • by removing them and starting the process again from your ATS

Currently, you must have Super Admin or Temp Admin permissions to successfully resolve duplicates.

💡Pro Tips

  • From the Pending Hires page, you can also onboard someone from scratch by clicking the button on the top right that says "Onboard New Hire" 

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