Today, we come to you with a major new Sapling product launch announcement...welcome to the world, Smart Email! This new feature will be rolling out slowly over the next week to help you centralize and manage all critical People Communication from a single spot inside Sapling.

Smart Email Basics 

With Smart Email, you will get tremendous visibility and flexibility inside of Sapling to offer clear and standardized communication for key operational processes like Onboarding, Offboarding, Relocations, Promotions and more.

Let’s dig in with how! You will see a brand new tab called Email [BETA] in the main top navigation. 

Under Smart Email, you will find 5 tabs: 

Sent: allows you to search by team member name or email address to see what templated emails were delivered to them. This offers you great visibility to better understand the effectiveness of your emails as we will let you know not just if the email was delivered but also if it was opened. 

Scheduled: allows you to search by team member name and email address OR by  future date that the templated emails are scheduled to go out. For example: if a team member changes their start date, you can check the schedule and adjust the email to send out on the updated start date instead. 

Templates: offers a single place for you to create an unlimited number of email templates for any HR process you want to standardize. By default, you get to assign each template to an HR Process type: Onboarding, Offboarding, Relocation, Promotion, Adhoc, or define any number of additional Process types. You can now standardize all your Onboarding communications and create templates for welcome, health benefits, 30/60/90 check-ins, birthdays, anniversaries + anything else for your team. 

Notifications: offers visibility over all automatic platform notifications/alerts that Sapling sends out based on triggers in the system (for ex: when a document is completed or a task is assigned). You can individually enable and disable each one of these. You can also customize Alerts per Department, Location, Employment Status and Permission groups. 

Settings:  now, you can have all of your email controls in one place. You can change the sender name on the emails and also set frequency limits for overdue documents and tasks notifications. 

Email Scheduling During Onboarding and Offboarding 

We have been testing Smart Email with a dozen customers for a few months now and received very clear feedback that flexibility in scheduling is key to supercharging your processes. 

We have updated the Onboarding and Offboarding flows so that Templates marked as Onboarding are automatically selected during the Onboarding Flow. Similarly, if you are Offboarding a team member, any emails marked for Process Type: Offboarding, will be automatically selected. 

If you wish for a template to not be automatically pulled, simply mark it as Adhoc or create a custom type for it. 

You can always review, add or delete any number of additional templates during onboarding and offboarding. You can also choose to schedule when they will be delivered. 

For example: You can create 5 new templates and mark them with Process Type onboarding. 

  1. An orientation week logistics email that applies to all locations, departments, employment statuses

  2. A health benefit email template that only applies to full time employees in San Francisco

  3. A special health benefits email template that only applies to part time employees in Vancouver

  4. A 30 day check in for everyone 

  5. A one year anniversary congratulations email 

During the Onboarding flow, all email templates marked as Process Type:Onboarding will be automatically selected if they match the Department, Location, and Employment Status of the team member being onboarded. 

You can add or delete or edit any selected template during the Onboarding flow. You can also change the scheduling so that the Orientation email goes 5 days before start date, the Benefits email goes on start date, the 30 day checkin goes 30 days after start date and the anniversary congratulations emails goes on employee anniversary. 

Adhoc Email Scheduling 

To support a wide variety of use cases where having a standard email template that is accurate and up to date is helpful, like communication on Parental Leaves, Sabbaticals, Performance Issues, Promotions, Relocations, etc. We are also supporting scheduling and sending templated emails from a variety of locations: 

  1. Dashboards: From Onboarding, Offboarding,  and Transitions Dashboard. The action to Send Email will allow admins to pick a template or just write an email and send it that will show up in your Sent tab. 

  2. People Directory: The Email action from the People Directory page will now also allow admins to pick a template or just write an email and send it that will show up in your Sent tab.

  3. Profile: From any team member Profile page, Admins with access to Admin Actions menu→ Email action can pick a template or just write an email and send it that will show up in your Sent tab.

Other exciting changes coming with Smart Email

  • You can send the email as yourself (based on the email address you use to log into Sapling) instead of the Sapling default notifications email address. This means that responses will go directly to you. 

⚠️ Action required ⚠️

You can help your team by promptly reviewing all your existing email templates in the new Email [BETA] tab and making sure they are marked correctly for the correct Department, Location, Employment Status and Process Type. 

We are taking a gradual approach to the release. We really appreciate your patience and your prompt feedback if you find any issues or encounter any edge cases that we may have missed. Any thoughts, questions, or comments - send them to

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