This release is all about celebrating and empowering remote and geographically-distributed teams! Did you know that 70% of all workers across the globe work remotely at least one day a week? If your company supports a remote workforce spread across multiple locations, we have a few goodies just for you this release: 

  • Customize your Company Links by Department, Location, and Employment Status 

  • Better Offboarding with the ability to choose Access Cut Off date and time 

  • Improved Jira integration

Company Links allows you to provide a centralized location to help your teams find the most up-to-date links for important company resources —> 

  • Links to Google docs describing benefit packages

  • Links to external retirement management portals 

  • Links to expense filing forms 

  • Links to important presentations, intranet, policies

  • & much more … 

If you have not taken advantage of this great feature, there is no better time than today as we have just added the ability to limit visibility to links by Department, Location, and Employment status 🥳!

In order to create or edit your Company Links

  • Go to your Sapling portal 

  • Access Platform Settings from the left hand navigation menu 

  • Click on Company Links 

  • Enable Company Links if they are not enabled already 

  • Click +ADD LINK  to create a new link 

  • Click on an existing link to edit it 

Once you add Department, Location, and Employment Status to a link, only team members that fit that criteria will see it in their homepage under Updates -> Company Links.  

Better offboarding with customizable Access Cut Off Date

We have improved offboarding so that during the Offboarding flow, in addition to being able to specify Last Worked Date and Termination Date, you can now specify Access Cut Off date and time. You will have two options: 

  • Immediate: incase the termination is involuntary and you need for security reason to end their access immediately 

  • Custom date: so you can specify a date and time for when access should be terminated to accommodate for team members in different timezones 

Improved Jira Integration

Our own team is distributed across four locations with a handful of work-from-home team members. We love Jira and we know many of you do too and use it extensively! 

We have improved our integration with Jira- so not only can you create Jira tickets from Sapling, but also have added the ability to sync “Name” and “Description” fields directly from Sapling into Jira. 

Other useful improvements this release

  • We added sorting abilities team member’s Upcoming and Historical Time Off pages so they can better sort by Policy Name, Dates, or Amount

  • We also made it possible to turn off all Overdue Task and Document notifications. You can also set the frequency schedule (for ex: to Daily, Weekly, M/W/F, T/Thu, etc) under Platform Settings -> Notifications 

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