Calendar filters 

Calendar filters are now all consolidated under our convenient “Filters” button. In addition to being able to filter your calendar view by Departments, Locations, you can now also filter them by any custom groups you created like Squads. 

Under Events Type, we added a number of highly requested filters such as Start Days, Last Days, Tasks, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Paid Time Off, Sick Leave & more. 

To make Calendars useful for everyone in the team, Managers can now filter calendar events to see only their direct reports

Reporting improvements

You might notice that we added the ability to include Profile and Role related information in the Time Off reports and an “End of Month” option for scheduling reports. This proves particularly useful if for example you wanted to receive a Time Off report that you want to aggregate by department at the end of each month to see which Department is taking the most or least vacation. 

Incase you missed it: Point in Time reporting

Last update, we shared with you our new Point in Time reporting, which offers the ability to pull a historical snapshot of any single date in the past. 

We are delighted with the response we got for the feature and happy to say that with your feedback we have improved right away by adding the ability to control whether or not your historical Point in Time report includes inactive records or pending changes. 

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