What does this mean?

Sapling includes the ability to create point in time reports. This means you are able to select a specific date that will function as a “snapshot” of your data when that date occurred.

How might I use it?

There may be an instance when you need to quickly and simply check for employees’ compensation information during a certain point in time. One example of this might be during an internal or external compensation audit. With the ability to pull this information in a few clicks, you can remove the need to sift through historical documents to find the data for any particular date.

How does it work?

  1. Click the create report button on the left hand administration navigation bar

Note: If you do not see this button it may mean you do not have sufficient privileges. Please reach out to your Sapling platform administrator to learn more.

  1. Select Point in Time along the top navigation bar
  2. Click the Create Report button in the top right corner
  3. Name your report
  4. Select which profile fields you would like to report on

Reminder: You are able to see all custom table effective dates by selecting the checkbox next to the table name instead of individual fields within the table drop down.

  1. Create filters based on groups that currently exist within Sapling - for example, department or location
  2. Save the report
  3. You are then able to download the report as a CSV spreadsheet or view the report as a Google Sheet

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