Happy Equinox to everyone 🍂! We have a short and sweet update for you today that should brighten your day.  

  • Org chart color coding 

  • Some sweet improvements to reports

Org chart color coding  

As you may know, Sapling offers you the power to create any number of custom groups. We know dynamic companies allocate their resources and teams regardless of location, department, and manager and can even form in squads or special project groups. Now you can better visualize those breakdowns in the Org chart in addition to being able to filter by them in the directory page. 

Go ahead and give it a try, you can now color code your Org Chart by department, location, and any custom group you have created. 

If you are not using our Org Chart already, reach out to your Customer Success liaison to learn how to get started! 

Reporting improvements

We are so thrilled by the continuous feedback we receive from our Program Leads and are delighted to be able to respond to it and continue to release new improvements to reporting release after release. 

Last time you asked us to add us to add “ALL” to the drop down so you can create one report for all PTO policies for example. This time around we are augmenting all of our reports with additional filtering by custom groups. That is right! Now you can filter and create a special PTO report for just the Analytics Squad or just  Lisbon if you want. 

We also realized that while our Field Change Report is helping many of our Program Leads run audits, it needed a boost by allowing you to restrict it to a certain time period, so we added just that. Now you can schedule Field Changes reports to run for every month and get delivered directly to your email. 

In case you missed it: the Manager Digest is now live! 

If you have not yet, we highly encourage you to turn on the Weekly Manager Updates email, it is a great way to give your Managers visibility to who of their report is going on vacation, returning from vacation, or has a special milestone that should be acknowledged such as their work anniversary. 

This is how you turn it on: 

  1. Head to the “Emails” section of the admin toolbar

  2. Navigate to the second tab, called “Platform”

  3. At the bottom, you’ll see a new email alert called “Weekly Team Summary”. Make sure the checkbox is on

Managers will then start receiving weekly emails every Friday morning, for the following week. 

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We are here to help! 

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