We have a few product updates that we are delighted to share with you! 

  • Scheduled reports

  • Bulk request info

  • Tasks page improvements 

  • ADP and Sequoia integration improvements

Scheduled reports 

We are committed to freeing you from repetitive administrative tasks! To that end, we have added the ability to schedule reports. Whether it is an existing report or a brand new report that you are creating, you can now schedule it to be automatically delivered to your inbox on weekly, biweekly, twice a month, or monthly cadence! 

Is it a report for someone else in your team? No problem! You can use the permissions settings to set up a special permissions group, say for Finance, and share the report with them. They will also get an email when the report is ready for them.  

Bulk request info 

We are making it easy for your to get the data you need from you team. We heard from you that sometimes you need to add a new field that needs to be filled by some or all of your team members, but that fill rate was often a challenge as your team may not know that there is a new field to fill out. 

We hear you! That is why we added the ability to bulk request information from your team. Say you added a Preferred Name and a Preferred Pronoun field for just your San Francisco team. You may now go to the People Directory page, filter to only those in San Francisco, select them all, then from the bulk actions menu select “Request Info” option. All those you selected will get an email asking them for the relevant information. And just like that, getting new profile fields solved! 

Tasks page improvement 

Some of you were also going through SOC2 compliance at the same time we were doing ours. We learned from our experience and from you that it would make it a whole lot easier if we offered a sort by completion date and exposed the completed date in the Completed Tasks view. So we did just that and added also the name of the subtask to the Recent History section. Happy auditing to all! 

Integrations improvements

If you are an ADP user,  we  now are able to sync back pay rate, pay type, and pay schedule changes from Sapling to ADP for existing team members, if you have the sync enabled. We also improved our integration with Sequoia to add offboarding support. 

User interface (UI) and copy improvements: 

One last thing, you will notice a few copy and UI improvements throughout, especially on the Profile page, most importantly “Tables” has been renamed to “Job Details” in order to be more descriptive of what is really behind that tab. Also, the Profile info report used to be called just “Reports” so we renamed it to be more descriptive as well. There is no change to functionality.

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