We are kicking off August with several new features and enhancements: 

  • Power Editing

  • Gmail Add-on

  • Chained Approvals 

  • More detailed tasks report 

  • New profile header 

  • PTO improvements 

Power Editing 

To help you keep your employee records up to date easily, we added the ability to update multiple records at once from the People Directory page! 

Think after annual promotions, manager changes, location changes, re-orgs, or department name changes. 

Use filters to find the affected employees and select the “Power Edit” function to update all of their data at once. 

Gmail Add-on

If you are a Gmail user, bring your tasks to your inbox with our Gmail Add-on. This add-on allows you to complete tasks without logging into Sapling!

Chained Approvals

You have asked and we listened! 

You may now add multiple layers of approvals for changes to custom tables. You can add managers, specific people, or create custom permission groups for approvals. 

For example, in order to update salary information, you may want to add requirements for direct manager, then anyone in the Finance Approvers group, then CFO approvals before the change takes effect. 

Detailed task reporting

We’ve proudly supported many customers achieve SOC2 compliance with our detailed workflow reporting. 

While we were working on our own SOC2 compliance we saw an opportunity to improve our task and workflow reports for us and you! 

We added two additional sheets to the report for subtasks and comments to make it more useful for any of your auditing needs. 

Improved profile header

We redesigned our profile headers to add key dates and events, such as work anniversaries and birthdays. You’ll also be able to quickly see whether a team member is out of office. 

For managers: updated time off emails

We understand a manager’s time is valuable, and want to help them make quicker decisions about pending time off requests.  

To that end, we’ve updated our PTO approval emails to include how much PTO balance is leftover for a team member once their request is approved, and a list of anyone else who is on the team who might also be out of office during the same requested period. 

Attach files when requesting time off

For all team members, we’ve added an option to  attach a file such as a doctor’s note or a jury duty letter, when requesting time off

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