Sapling Super Admins can bulk edit team member information using the Power Editing tool, making mass data updates a breeze and saving you more time than ever before. 

There are two ways you can Power Edit information:

  1. Individually: the information will be different for each team member you’ve selected. For example, your company might be going through a promotion cycle, and you would need to update different salaries for specific people all at once. 

  2. As a group: the information will be the same for all selected team members. For example, if you are relocating an entire team to a new office, or if a group of people are getting assigned a new manager. 

How it works:

  1. Head over to the People Directory, select the team members you want to edit using the checkboxes. Protip: you can filter by location, department or any other custom group.  

  2. Click on Power Edit

  3. Once you’ve clicked on “Power Edit”, you’ll then need to select which table you’d like to update. You can configure your tables in “Profile Setup”.

  4. Select how you’d like to update this information (individually, or as a group)

  5. Press next, and enter in new data for each team member. Remember, you don’t have to fill out all fields for each person, but the effective date must be filled out. This field can’t be left blank.

  6. When you’re finished updating the data, click “Save Changes”

That’s it! 😎 You'll receive a confirmation email once all of your changes are reflected in Sapling.

Keep in mind:

  • Power editing tabular data will result in a new row of data with the given effective date. It will not change the current line of data. 

  • For any fields that are left blank, we will no carry over previous data. Please ensure to update all fields, even the ones you are not changing.

  • When power editing, updates to tables can’t be undone, so recommend investing a few extra seconds to double check your updates, confirming they are linked to the right people. 

  • Because of the powerful nature of this tool, we’ve intentionally restricted it to Super Admins for now.

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