Turnover Reporting

No matter the size of your company, if you want to increase employee retention rates, you’ll need to look at organizational turnover, both from a tactical perspective, and a strategic one. Understanding turnover alerts you to potential problems before they get worse. 

Sapling’s newest feature, turnover reports, allow you to better understand your turnover rate, with specific breakdowns by termination type, rehire eligibility and length of service. We hope this is a useful workforce planning tool for your team!

Other reporting enhancements:

Time Off Request Report

  • We’re adding additional detail to our Time Off Reports that allow you to see all PTO requests in a single sheet. You can check out our example here. We’re hoping this makes it easier to synchronize data between Sapling and  your Payroll systems. 

Filtering the Headcount Visualization

  • You can now see a filter the headcount chart by a specific point in time. This will help answer questions such as “Which department grew the most in 2016?” or “How did our headcount change year over year?”.

Usability Enhancement: Profile Editing

We’ve simplified profile editing to make it quicker for team members to complete missing information. You can still access a field’s change history by toggling the “View History” button. 

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