We’ve added several new feature enhancements, including: 

  • Redesigned People Directory📍

  • “View only” access to the dashboard 📊

  • Document previewing in the Sapling app 👀

  • Temporary Admin Access 🔐

  • Sensitive field masking 🔐

Below is a more detailed breakdown of these updates. 

Platform Updates:

Redesigned People Directory

By popular demand, we’ve added extra filtering functionality on Sapling’s People Directory. 

You can now drill down into multiple groups at the same time.  We’ve also added a column called “Manager”, which allows you to see your coworker’s manager directly on the page. 

View Only Dashboard Access

We’ve added “View Only” permissions to the Dashboard for Sapling Admins. 

You may want to grant this access to other onboarding stakeholders, such as recruiters or IT Managers. With “View Only” Dashboard permissions, Admins can view and filter on the Dashboard, but they won’t be able to edit new hire information. 

Document Previews

All Sapling users can now preview documents directly within the platform. 

This comes in handy for team members who want to view a document before signing it. Click on the “View” button in the documents tab to get started. 

Security Updates:

Temporary Admin Access

We’ve created a new permission level called “Temporary Administrator”. A Temporary Sapling Admin has the same visibility as a Super Admin, meaning they have access to the entire admin toolset. 

However, as the name implies, Temporary Admins do not appear in the directory, org chart, or in Sapling reports. Temporary admins also won’t have a Sapling profile. 

To create Temporary Admin, you’ll need the user’s name and email address, as well as an expiration date. Once you click “Save”, the temporary admin will receive an email invitation to the platform. 

Ability to mask sensitive fields 

In an effort to better protect the integrity of your team data, Sapling has added the ability to mask, or “hide” sensitive fields. 

As of today, any Profile Field, such as an SSN or a phone number, can be masked. This means that by default, the information is hidden on your screen, and you can click to reveal it as needed. 

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