Your Sapling experience just got a whole lot better with the Approval Engine, Company Links, and new report types!

Approval Engine

Sapling’s Approval Engine helps your team stay on top of changes that team members are making to information in Sapling. 

Whether you’re finalizing a promotion, or updating company job titles, Sapling makes it easy to protect the integrity of your HR Data. 

Learn more about Setting Up Your Approval Engine.

New team members often reach out to HR teams with questions about where to find insurance information or details on company time off policies. 

Sapling’s Company Links widget is the best place to store this information. All team members can see this widget on the right hand of their Sapling Updates Page. 

Company Links can be managed from the General Settings in Admin permission. If a Sapling user has been given "View and Edit Permission" of the General settings, they will be able to:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Link: create a new link by adding the link title and the URL.

  • Reorder: change the order of how the links are displayed.

Deeper Reporting

We’ve expanded the Sapling reporting module to include Document, Workflow, Time Off and Change Reporting.

Change Reporting allows you to create reports of changes to certain fields in your Sapling account. The primary use-case of this feature is to track payroll related changes during your pay period so you can easily track what may need updating within your payroll system. 

To set-up a track changes report, navigate to the Change Reports and click "Create Report" in order to track data related changes.  You’ll then be able to create a new report and be navigated through the setup, selecting what fields Sapling should track changes in.

Learn more about reporting.

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