What is Sapling’s Approval Engine?

Our Approval Engine helps your team stay in top of changes that team members make to information in Sapling.

You can create as many levels of approval as you need to have more control of the information that changes through time.

For example, if you're setting up a workflow for salary changes, you can create the following hypothetical workflow:

  1. Salary changes must be requested by department leads

  2. They must first be reviewed by the Head Of Finance

  3. Then the CEO has final sign off before it goes into effect

Setting up an approval:

  1. As an admin, Login to Sapling and click on Profile Setup from the righthand admin toolbar

  2. Navigate to the All Job Details tab

  3. Click on New Table

  4. Select Approval Needed, and choose the best person to approve a change in the information. By default, custom tables do not require approval.

  5. To set up chained approvals, you have the option to specify an individual, or general Role (Ex: 2nd Level Manager, a Coworker like a Division VP, or a specific Permission Group).

  6. Repeat step #5 as many times as needed. There is no limit to the amount of levels you can create in an approval chain. 

  7. Adjust the expiration period, if needed. By default, change requests will remain open for 7 days. 

  8. Click Save

Once an approval has been configured, all change requests to that table will need to be reviewed by the approver or permission group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can request a change to tabular data?

  • A team member’s ability to request a change is informed by their permission. If they have View and Edit permissions for a data table (such as Role), then they will be able to request a change. 

How are approvers notified  of a change request?

Approvers will see the following:

  • An email informing them of the new request

  • A widget on Sapling’s their updates page informing them of the request

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