Request Info: Efficiently get the information you need from existing team members

Sometimes we need to collect new information from our team members or have information updated to ensure it’s current. Sapling's Request Info allows you to collect team member information in a simple and streamlined experience. 

You can learn more here.

Ability to upload multiple docs in a file upload request.

We’ve seen that collecting multiple documents from new hires or existing team members is a pain point, so we’ve added a multiple document uploader.

When you request a document upload in Sapling, your team members will now have an updated File Upload experience to collect all the documents that you need.

Time Off Improvements: Increased Customization.

We’ve continued to expand functionalities in Sapling’s Time Off Management.

Admins can now assign and unassign policies to specific individuals, such as paternity leave or jury duty. Additionally, admins can now set the default hours in a time off policy - this allows admins to set work day times of varying hours for their different employee groups.

Lastly, you can now manage and upload your time off balances directly in Sapling. You can do so, by navigating to Time Off set-up in your Admin settings and then download the template to get started. 

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