Table Reporting

Custom Tables allow you to track key data and effective dates, over a variety of use cases such as Role Information, Compensation and Employment Status.

We’ve added Historic Reporting on Tabular data, meaning you can run historic reports covering all the different effective dates.

In case you missed it, we ran a webinar earlier this week on Managing Tabular Data in Sapling

A guide to Sapling's custom tables.

Onboarding Templates

We know that different employees have different data requirements, such as by location, employment status or department.

Sapling’s Onboarding Templates allow you to build employee record templates and select which template to use on step #2 of the onboarding flow. This means you can set-up different onboarding templates to help automate your onboarding flow.

Offboarding Field Management

Managing employee data can be tricky and context specific - so we wanted to make sure you can manage what fields are displayed in the onboarding and offboarding flows (or not in either!).

In your profile field set-up, you can now select whether the field should be shown in:

  • The Onboarding Flow - when you onboard new hires

  • The Offboarding Flow - when you offboard team members

  • Neither - which means the profile field is only found on the profile and not shown in onboarding or offboarding.

New Login Experience

We’ve updated Sapling’s login experience to be more intuitive and increase security.

Sapling Admins can now choose how their team members should access Sapling, and also enforce SSO login only from the new hires first day. 

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