Usability Updates

We’ve added Admin abilities to several key experiences in Sapling.

Onboarding Flow: We added ability for Program leads to complete Custom Tables Data during the onboarding flow.

Admin Tools:  We’ve made the admin tools on the profile page more visible, allowing you to quickly View-As, Start an Offboarding, or Re-Hire departed employees. Here is our knowledge base article on all of the actions you can complete on a team members page.

Active vs Inactive groups: You can now mark old locations, departments or teams as inactive,  removing them from platform visibility and ensuring alignment with where your organization is today.

Termination alerts: These enable customers to coordinate their offboarding processes with Sapling. We’ve added custom alerts that can be set-up by location, department, or employment status that notify the correct people.

Documents:  You can now add co-sign documents + upload requests to packets, allowing you to build out consolidated packets for all your employee types and locations.

Improve Activities Dashboard: We’ve updated the activities dashboard usability to help you understand how your employee experience program is performing. 

Time Off + Calendar Updates

You can now set up policies based on tenure - allowing you to allocate more hours or days to employees that reach certain milestones such as 1-year, 5-years or 10-years.

Your team members can now filter the calendar by time off type- providing clarity on who is out-of-office, working-from-home, or on vacation.

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