We’ve heard that permission groups and access levels can be tricky, and are excited to launch new functionality which allows you to see Sapling from someone else’s perspective. 

Learn more about View-As here.


Employees can often return after being offboarded, and we want to make this process seamless, orderly and transparent.

By navigating to an offboarded employees profile, you can now Re-Hire them into Sapling which will allow you to start a fresh onboarding flow for the departed employee, and then can follow the same path as a new hire.

They will be asked to update their information to ensure all current, and the changes in their employment status will be tracked in the Employment Status Table.

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions allow Super Admins to be more efficient at scale.

From the people page in Sapling, Super Admins can now complete a number of bulk actions including:

  • Send invites to new employee groups

  • Assign workflows to multiple people

  • Assign documents and packets to multiple people

We plan on introducing bulk manager and permission changes soon.

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