With View As functionality, super admins can preview Sapling from someone else’s perspective. 

This is meant to help program managers better understand team member permissions. You can also use this tool to assist your colleagues with Sapling troubleshooting and navigation. 

Getting Started:

To begin Sapling impersonation, head over to your team member’s profile. You can locate anyone by searching for them in the navigation bar, or through the people directory.

Once you’re on your colleague’s profile, click on the eyeball icon inside of the admin toolbar. This is located in the top right corner of the page. 

You’ll see a popup indicating that you are entering impersonation mode. Click continue to proceed.

You’ll see a purple banner on the top of the page letting you know that you’re impersonating, who you’re logged in as, and the permission level associated with the user. 

Once you’re done, log back out and continue using Sapling with your personal account. 

Keep in mind: 

  • This tool allows you to preview Sapling in “read-only” mode, meaning that you cannot make changes to personal information, time off requests or any other actions on behalf of the user
  • This is available to Super-admins only
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