We’ve made a number of improvements to the Sapling platform in recent weeks, including our improved Lever integration, reporting visualizations and preboarding. 

Improved Integration With Lever

We’re excited to announce major enhancements to our Lever  integrations.  You’ll soon see the following information pulled into Sapling from Lever:

  1. Offer information, such as projected start date, compensation details and equity

  2. Referrals and Source, to better track how candidates ended up in your Lever pipeline

For more details, simply reply to this email and your Sapling Customer Success Manager will be in touch.

Headcount Visualizations

We’re giving admins more superpowers with Headcount Visualizations. This report allows you to get a snapshot of headcount over time. By default, data is broken down by departments, locations and employment. 

Specifically, you can see the following data points on this page:

  1. Total Employees: the total number of employees as of the date when the page is accessed. This number includes both a raw number (for example, 50 employees), and a percentage of growth year to date. 

  2. New Arrivals: the total number of active, new team members within that month

  3. Departures: total amount of both involuntary and voluntary departures

  4. Location chart: overview of headcount broken down by each location

  5. Department chart: breakdown of headcount by each department

  6. Employment Status chart: headcount broken down by each type of employee

In Case You Missed It

Simpler Preboarding

Our Preboarding experience received an update with the introduction of a single-column layout, clear field validations, and a visual face lift to allow new hires to complete required information more effectively. 

Time Off Estimator

If you’re planning a vacation in advance, you may want to take advantage or our Time Off Estimator to better project future time off balances. By clicking on the “Estimate Time Off” button, you’ll be able to enter in a future date, and see accrual details until that point in time. 

Please note, the future balance will automatically include any future time off requests. 

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to your feedback!

PS : Not seeing Time Off enabled in Sapling? Reach out to your Customer Success manager to learn more!  

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