New Hire Experience

We understand that first impressions matter. The time and effort you invest in new hires directly relates to longevity at your company. 

That’s why we’ve spent the last few months rethinking this with clarity in mind. By simplifying the Pre-boarding flow and optimizing for mobile, we’re confident that new hires will feel more supported before their first day. 

Dashboard Enhancements

We’ve added additional polish and context in your Dashboard so you can easily and quickly identify gaps in your employee experience. Using the Dashboard Activity Tracker, you can quickly take action on overdue and outstanding tasks or documents.

Simpler Profiles

We’re consolidating the "info" and "profile" tabs to make it easier for admins and employees to locate and update data. Employee information is now organized into the following pages:

  • Profile: Stores personal and identification, such as preferred name, date of birth and emergency contact

  • Tables: Tracks data related to employee’s job and role, including compensation and employment status. 

You’ll still be able to customize the types of data collected through the Admin tools on the left hand side of your app. 

In Case You Missed It: Offboarding Improvements

Sapling now gives you tighter control around your offboarding process. Specifically:

  • If a manager is offboarded, you can reassign their former direct reports to a new manager

  • Active tasks can be reassigned to new task owners

  • Templated Workflows can get removed or reassigned to other team members, keeping them within Sapling even after your former team member leaves the organization 

  • You can control when new managers or task owners are notified

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