We hope your September is off to a good start! Over the US summer we've been busy shipping new improvements  to Sapling. 

Transitions Dashboard

Keep track of all active employees, outside of those who are new to your company or departing soon. 

The Transitions Dashboard shows team members that are actively completing documents or tasks as part of their ongoing employee experience - such as promotions, relocations or team changes.

Tokens in documents

You can know use  all fields in document requests - enabling you to leverage your custom tokens for salary, equity and more directly into your documents.

Company Page Settings

We’ve revamped your company settings to provide a more intuitive set-up that’s structured into Platform Settings, Company Page Settings, and your New Hire Experience.

Other improvements:

Document page updates: We've added better tagging, co-signer views and labels to the documents page to make it easier to navigate.
Speed and Performance:
A number of important bug fixes were rolled out this month. We continue to make big improvements to give you a more reliable and faster experience.

What’s coming up?

  • Google Hire Integration: Sapling can receive hired candidate data from Google Hire.

  • Sapling API: Add flexibility to your existing tools and workflows with Sapling’s API. Please reply if your team is interested in being part of the early access program. 

  • Approval Engine: Protect the integrity of your data with custom approval workflows.

We hope you're enjoying your Sapling experience, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback.

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