We’ve made a number of improvements to the Sapling platform in July, including our Slack integration, enhanced Document Management, and improving the speed and performance of our platform.

Slack Integration (Beta)

With Sapling’s new Slack integration, it’s even easier to keep your entire team on top of their Sapling workflows. 

Your team members will be able to receive and complete Sapling tasks directly from the Sapling bot. Once enabled, your team members can customize notifications by heading to their account settings. 

Visit the Slack Marketplace to learn more, and reach out to your Sapling Customer Success Manager if you'd like to be part of the Beta program.

Enhanced Document Management

Team members can now drag and drop their own personal documents to your Sapling profile, allowing you to store all of your employee documents.

The document permissions are the same as they were previously, but all team members have the ability to upload documents to their own profile.

New Improvements to your Favorite Features

Enhanced Token Management: All profile fields are now available as tokens, allowing you to efficiently distribute employee data across your organization and HR workflows.

Onboarding Flow: We’ve made some improvements to the onboarding workflow. In step one when initiating a new onboarding, you can now search for an existing job title, or create a new one. You also now have the ability to send a test email for the onboarding invite and the welcome email. 

Start Date Changes: You now have the ability to send an email out to specific team members if a new hire’s start date has been changed. You can enable this notification in your email settings within Sapling.

Manager and Buddy emails: These emails will now be sent out automatically when a manager or buddy is assigned to a new hire, or if there is a change in manager. 

Speed and Performance: A number of important bug fixes were actioned this month and we’ve continued to make big improvements to give you a more reliable and faster experience

What’s coming up?

  • Transitions Dashboard: Keep track of all active employees, outside of those who are new to your company, or departing soon

  • Updates Page: Sapling’s updates page will provide your team members helpful information related to their role

  • Sapling API: Add flexibility to your existing tools and workflows with Sapling’s API. More documentation to come soon!

  • Approval Engine: Protect the integrity of your data with custom approval workflows

We hope you're enjoying your Sapling experience, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback.

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