We understand the importance of accurately setting up time off policies for team members across the organization. As so, we have outlined the best practices for rolling out time off request via Sapling.

Step 1: Set-up Holidays

  • Ensure your company holidays are set-up within your Sapling calendar

Step 2: Confirm Policies

  • Set-up Time Off policies in Sapling

  • These policies will be created in disable status

Step 3: Test and confirm the workflow

  • Allocate a small test group (approx 5 - 10 people)

*Note: This can be done by location, department or team.

Step 4: Launch with a Pilot Group

  • Once comfortable and confident in the workflow, launch with a pilot group of 20 - 50 people

  • Provide clear instructions (a draft template from Sapling is available here)

Step 5: Company wide launch

  • Once you’ve configured the workflow and built a business case, you’ll be all set to launch more broadly 

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