• Accrual: set amount of time off (in hours) that you gain over a period of time

  • Available hours: table for all users that describes the total amount of available time off hours ( categorized by policy). 

  • Carryover Cap: The maximum amount of hours that someone can rollover from year to year.

  • Team Member's Classification: your company’s legal categorization of team members (usually split by full-time, exempt, non-exempt, etc..). Your Sapling admin may set up a time off policy based on classification. For further reading on team member's classification, we recommend referring to FLSA documentation. 

  • Negative Balance: Allowing a negative time off balance means team members can request time off before they have accrued it. Usually, team members can pay back negative balances in one of two ways: deductions from a paycheck, or continued employment. 

  • Partial Day Request: a time off request made when a team member wants to request either: A few hours at the beginning, middle or  end of a day (For example, taking lunch off for a dentist appointment) or A request spread over multiple days, where the start or end date is in the middle of normal working hours (for example, leaving at 3pm for a one week vacation to head to the airport)

  • Policy Accrual Cap: the maximum amount of time off that team members can accrue. Once the accrual amount dips beneath the cap, team member will begin accruing time off again. 

  • Tenure Milestones: Events that increase team member accrual rates and award additional days per year based on length of employment.

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