If your Sapling Admin has set up your company’s time off policies, you can request current or retroactive time off requests easily from your profile. We also include a calendar with weekends and holidays highlighted to help you understand which days count toward time off. 

To submit a request follow these steps:

  1. Login to Sapling, and head home to your Profile
  2. Select the “Time Off” tab (located under your photo)
  3. Select “Request Time Off”. 

This will launch a new window where you can finish adding additional details. Requests can be customized based on your needs:

  • A full day (example: taking a sick day)
  • A series of days (example: taking a 10 day vacation)
  • A few hours (example: taking 2 hours off for an appointment)

Once a request has been submitted, your manager will receive an email notification and will respond through Sapling. 

Time Off Estimator

If you’re planning a vacation in advance, you may want to take advantage or our Time Off Estimator to better project future time off balances. 

By clicking on the “Estimate Time Off” button, you’ll be able to enter in a future date, and see accrual details until that point in time. 

Please note, the future balance will automatically include any future time off requests. 

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