Permissions & Reporting

We’ve expanded the configuration of custom permissions and reporting, ensuring you can provide the right controls to the right stakeholders at your organization.

Using location, department and employment status specific controls, you can know create an unlimited number of unique permission groups from the four key types of permissions in Sapling. 

These controls cover both visibility within the platform, and reporting - so the “US Contactor” permission group will only be able to see US contractors in the platform, and run reports on US contractor data.

Learn more about Permissions: Setting up the right Access Levels in Sapling.

Okta + Onelogin Provisioning

Sapling expanding its auto provisioning features with two new additions: Okta and Onelogin.

During the onboarding flow, Sapling can send new hire information directly to Okta or Onelogin and provisioning the new hires account with the following attributes; First Name, Last Name, Personal Email, Company Email, Department, Location and Manager.

This can saves your IT team a ton of time and reduce errors from copying new hire information into their core systems. Speak to your Customer Success Manager to set-up auto-provisioning.

Transition Workflow Management

We’ve improved the management of transition workflows by providing great visibility and control of how these workflows are assigned.

You’ll be able to view all tasks associated with the transition, re-assign before notifying different stakeholders and set the core dates for the transition. 

What’s coming up?

  • Workspaces - assign tasks to groups of people

  • TIme Off Tracking - managing time off in Sapling

  • Custom Employee Record Sections - building out the right employee sections for your company

  • Transition Dashboard - better management of promotions and transfers

  • Approval Engine - ensuring the right process on data changes

We hope you're enjoying your Sapling experience, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback.

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