What is the Sapling Calendar?

Sapling’s calendar provides your team a birds eye view of the upcoming events related to their team member's experience.

The calendar feature is available in the platform, and (when enabled) allows your team to see their calendar tab in Sapling.  

Different permissions have different visibility of each calendars, but the calendars are available to all permissions:

  1. Task Due Date Calendar (employees only see the tasks they are responsible for)
  2. Birthday Calendar (available to all and only includes day, not year)
  3. Anniversary Calendar (available to all)
  4. Holiday Calendar (available to all)
  5. Out of Office Calendar (only visible to customers using Saplings Time Off feature)

What events are shown on the Sapling Calendar?

Each calendar shows only the relevant events for that specific team member and is based on the permission settings in your Sapling account. 

What’s coming next on the calendar?

We’ll also be adding edit permissions to the calendar, allowing team members the ability to create ad-hoc events in relevant calendars. 

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