This month we released big improvements to our platform;  Task Updates, Email Improvements, Branding Updates, and Better Dashboard Navigation.

Sub-Tasks and Timelines

We released two big improvements to task management that add greater flexibility to Sapling Workflows, sub-tasks and task timelines.

We added sub-tasks to provide smaller, clearer steps to success, and also allowing Admins to schedule when tasks are assigned to team memberss.

Sub-tasks give you the ability to break large tasks into smaller, more manageable, pieces. They can be nested under each task from the Workflows page. You can learn more about sub-tasks here.

Task timelines allow you to structure longer term team member's experience plans by delaying the assignment of tasks to a future date. 

Early adopters have been successfully scheduling 30-60-90 day reviews or review cycles with new hires, to ensure they are progressing in their new role. You can learn more about task timelines here.

Email Improvements

We added a few key improvements to email functionality in the platform ensuring Program Leads can effectively communicate with their team members.

Firstly, we separated the new buddy / new manager emails so these stakeholders can receive relevant communications at the right time.

Next, we added the ability to edit the pending hire email, enabling you to add custom tokens to the  subject line and body of the pending hire email.

Lastly, we added a new email when documents are assigned or ready to be co-signed.

Branding Updates

1. Interface changes that reflect Sapling’s new brand:

  • You will notice, Sapling will have a lighter look and feel.

2. Existing Sapling themes have replaced with your brand color:

  • If you’ve set up a brand color in your company settings page, you’ll soon see that reflected on each team member's profile. Sapling themes will soon be deprecated. 

  • For example, if you have a custom burnt orange setup, you’ll see that same color when viewing a profile. This experience will carry over for new hires too. 

Best practices:

  • Team member's names and titles will be displayed in white text. Keep this in mind as you choose your brand color. We suggest you default to legibility. 

  • You can always preview your new hire experience by heading to Settings > Company

Dashboard Optimization

Following the Activities Dashboard in January, we’ve released some key changes to your dashboard focused on:

  • Simplifying navigation of the core workflows for Program Leads

  • Providing better signals on the dashboard

  • Optimizing existing views for fewer clicks.

You can see a full list of updates and a video tutorial here.

We hope you're enjoying your Sapling experience, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback.

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