Sapling allows your team to drive a streamlined and consistent team member's experience with Workflows - groups of Tasks that are required to be completed as part of an onboarding or offboarding event.

Some tasks need input from different people and benefit from more eyes and editors, such as additional instructions, reference information and any required updates.

Sapling's Task Comments empower your team to ask questions, provide extra information, or offer insights on Tasks.

Who can comment on the Tasks?

Anyone with access to a task can add and see comments related to that task. Here are some examples:

Example #1: Managers that can see the tasks that need to be done for their new hire can also see and add comments to that task. As this task is to be done for the new hire, the new hire would not be able to see or add comments to the task.

Example #2, Team Members(such as new hires) that have tasks to complete for themselves would be able to see and add comments to that task. 

Example #3, Admins have access to all tasks in the platform, so would be able to see and comment to all tasks. 

What happens when I @mention on the Task?

The @mentions features allows your team to notify certain people about the task comment.

People who are @mentioned will get an email letting them know that a comment has been added to the task. 

@mentioning a user who does not have permission to view the task will not grant them permission to view the task.

What happens if I @mention someone before their start date?

If you @mention a new hire on a task before their start date, the task comment notification will be sent to their personal email address

This allows your team to communicate about workflows with the new hire, before they have access to their company email. 

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