Sapling's Field History allows you to retain archived field history data of all your team member's profile fields helping you comply with industry regulations related to audit capability and data retention.

You can view the history of certain fields in Sapling, understand why changes were made and (as a Super Admin) make changes to field history.

Field History is available on both the Profile and Info pages in your Sapling account.

What does the Field History contain?

The Field History contains a record of the:

  • Field Name - the name of the field

  • New Value - what the field was changed to

  • Changed By - who made the change

  • Timestamp - when the field was changed

  • Actions - edit or delete changes (Account Owners only)

How to access the Field History?

If a team member has access to view the field, they can view the history

For example, Managers that can see personal information of their Reports will be able to view the history.

Only Super Admins with access to the fields can edit the history, this means that they can view, edit or delete changes made to a particular field.

What fields will have their history tracked?

All new changes to all team member's data in Sapling information will be tracked. Field history will not be captured retroactively (for example, you won't be able to see last year's history of changes). 

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