Onboarding is unique to other HR workflows as it requires the dual management of personal --> company email communications. It's important to understand when this switch occurs to ensure the new hire knows where communications are being delivered to.

When do communications switch from Personal to Company Email? 

Sapling invitations are typically sent to the new hire's personal email. These emails are sent during Step 4 of the Onboarding a New Hire process.

Once the new hire receives the invitation, they are able to create a Sapling password with their personal email. This personal email will remain the main method of communication until a company email is added to a new hires profile field (*note: this includes anything they are assigned out of onboarding, like a one-off document).

At the point that a company email is added, this becomes the default setting for all future communications. You can double check this switch has happened by navigating to the new hire's profile and looking at the "Company Email" profile field.

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