These documents typically include:

  • Employment agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • IP Assignments
  • Governmental and tax-related documents

How it Works?

To upload a document that can be completed with an e-signature, the document must be added and signature fields defined. This is completed using  Sapling’s e-signaturing iFrame within the Application.

Once a PDF Document has been selected, you will then be required to ‘Prepare Document for Signing’ which gives you the ability to define the signature and other related fields.

Who can create Documents?

Users with ‘Super Admin’ and ‘Admin’ permission status can create documents in two ways.

The choice of method determines if the document is used for a single onboarding event (single-use), or ‘saved’ within Sapling for repeated use (multi-use).

  1. Single-use: In the ‘Documents’ section of the Onboarding Process. Documents uploaded here will be associated with a single employee and not available in the future.
  2. Multi-use: In the ‘Documents’ section of Admin> Documents. Documents uploaded here will be saved in Sapling and you'll be able to allocate them to multiple employees

Creating Single-Use Documents

During the new employee onboarding process, documents can be allocated and uploaded in the People > Onboard section.

To allocate a new document, select ‘Add New Document’ which will then activate the  Sapling’s e-signaturing iFrame to complete the document preparation process.

Documents uploaded this way will be associated with the single employee and will not be saved for re-use in the future. This is generally used for hire-specific documents such as employment contracts.

Creating Multi-Use Documents

Documents uploaded in the ‘Documents’ section of Sapling will be accessible in the future. Once a document is prepared and saved, it can then be allocated to other hires in the onboarding, transition or offboarding process.

This is generally used for generic documents that are used for multiple hires, for example IP Assignments and NDAs.

How New Hires complete paperwork?

If assigned to a new hire for an onboarding event, paperwork can be completed in the pre-boarding experience of that employee. Documents can also be signed in the offboarding portal, or within the application if allocated to an employee.

All documents retained on the new hire's Documents tab on their Activity Page and can be viewed, downloaded or exported to other systems.

Please note the following:

At the moment we only support one date format at a time, so if you needed to change the format you would have to update it in your settings and it would be a blanket for all requests.

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